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We work it out, if it is only a thought,


Company foundation and print dm

We write 1998. A young man in his 30-ies had a big idea and established M.C.Direct Kft. building upon direct marketing channel, which was considered as a novelty at that time.

Digital print or what you want

Direct marketing, within it print dm, was a good idea. Increasing orders urged investment decisions thus a xerographical industrial printer and an enclosing machine were put into operation at the millennium.

Heading towards the world of promotions

There has been direct marketing, there has been data, creativity, quality. We have also received assignments from the first promotions aiming data collection, thus in 2002 we opened our door towards these activities, as well.

We started to make phone calls

Direct marketing does not exist without telemarketing and there is a demand for it on the market, so in 2003 we decided to take a big breath and launched our own call centre.

Going to the internet

In 2007 everybody has already sat in front of the computer at least once. We did not want to drop behind, so we did a little bit of web programming, designed nice dm letters already online, and in addition we sent them out. In this way something new started at us, as well. We started to be digitalized.

We acquired a company database

In January, 2013 CID Cég-Info has become a part of M.C.Direct, in this way we have a direct contact with more than 600.000 companies and 400.000 private entrepreneurs.

We build consumer database

We also need a consumer database, but not an ordinary one. Since all of our services are based on quality database, and almost all of our clients demand it, thus in 2013 we also started to work on it – in a little bit different way: www.eletepitok.hu

Our vision

Our success lies in the professionalism and market knowledge of company staff.

We think it further, if it is not appropriate,


E-mail marketing benchmarkot adott ki a DIMSZ

2015. május 6.

A Direkt és Interaktív Marketing Szövetség E-mail marketing tagozata 2013-as évhez hasonlóan ismét felmérést készített az e-mail kampányok hatékonyságáról. A tagozat a 2014-es évi kézbesítési, megnyitási, átkattintási és leiratkozási arányokat vizsgálta. A kiküldések 15 különböző szektorban történtek, az iparági adatokat a DIMSZ E-mail marketing tagozata biztosította.

Teljes cikk

We invent it, if it does not exist yet.


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